Design Life

In November 2015 my friend Charli Prangley and I started our own podcast, Design Life.  We saw a gap in the podcast market for a conversational show about design and the issues young creatives face, that was hosted by two females. So as two creatives balancing a day job with side projects, Design Life is a way for us to discuss our work while helping others.

We needed a website that would serve as the central point for the podcast; a place for us to upload episodes, share information and takeaways and share more about who we are and why we create the show. 

Updated episode page to support takeaways and timestamps

Creative Process

The design of the website has gone through a few iterations over the last year as we come to understand what's valuable on a podcast website. For example, in recent months we added more detailed show notes including takeaways and time stamps. We also realised that it was difficult to browse the site for old episodes, introducing the idea of an easy to browse archive page. 

Home page

Online store

We recently opened up an online store as a way for our community to help support the show. To support this, I designed an online store flow from browsing a product to viewing your cart and walking through the checkout process.

Product page

Cart overlay

Cart overlay states

Checkout page

Checkout flow

The designs in this case study are yet to be developed. The website in the button below is the current state of the site, which is soon to be updated to reflect these designs.