Here's a collection of some of my design work during my time at Atomic:

Notification center

A centralised notification center where users could be informed of any activity relating to their account. This could include being added or removed from a project, being invited into a team, someone archiving work you're collaborating on, being tagged in comments etc.

See an early prototype/exploration of this here.

Notification center in the hub

Notification settings in Account Settings

Earlier exploration of notification center including empty states and working through different user goals and scenarios.

Comment notification emails

Exploration of email template design when someone leaves a comment on your prototype, as well as when someone tags you. There were a few different scenarios that had to be explored including:

  • Comments left on multiple pages
  • Many comments left on one page
  • A few comments left on one page
  • A comment left on one page

Multiple comments left on the same page

A few comments left on the same page

You've been tagged in a comment

Tagging others in comments

The design of a tagging system in the comments section of Atomic to allow you to tag other team members or collaborators.

See an interactive prototype of this here.

Tagging another user in a comment

Tagging flow

Sketch Plugin landing page

With the release of our Sketch plugin we decided on a landing page to help promote the release and to also be a place where the plugin could be downloaded. 

Sketch plugin page on mobile

Sketch plugin page

Early exploration

Snapshot of Sketch plugin page

Early exploration

Log in and Register screens

Tweaks to the existing log in and register screens to create consistency and clarity throughout, as well as introducing a new 'promotion box'.

Updates to the register screen include button styling, copy writing and placement tweaks

Design to support if there is no image

Design to support if there is an image