I get it. You want to grow an audience and do more than the regular 9 – 5. You're creative and talented yet still afraid you might fail. Imposter syndrome often gets the best of you so you struggle to move forward.

Avoiding burnout, finding work/life balance and making time for your priorities are things you know you should be doing. Yet you haven't quite figured out how to pull it all off.

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Who is this Femke person?

Hey 👋

I'm Femke and I want to help you as a creative be the best version of yourself and find success in your own passion. I see too many talented freelancers sit at their desk, twiddling their thumbs waiting for work to magically show up on their doorstep. 

Get more clients through growing an audience, investing in side projects, sharing and teaching what you know. These are things that I've been doing successfully over the last few years and now I want to help you achieve the same success.

Don't trust me? Maybe we should get to know each other first then 🙂


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