What am I up to right now?

These are the things I'm currently doing:

  1. Working as a designer at Uber
  2. Recording my podcast Design Life once a week, and running the community
  3. Publishing a new article every week
  4. Interviewing interesting and under-deserved creatives

These are some cool people and courses I recommend:

  1. James Grieg – get proven tips on going freelance, rethinking your design career, or starting a business on your own terms.
  2. Paul Jarvis – him sharing his thoughts on using your creativity to make a living.
  3. Charged – a weekly newsletter designed to save you time and get you up to date on tech, without the need to keep up with noisy tech sites.
  4. CharliMarieTV – videos about design.
  5. Justin Jackson – helping you reach more people with the things you create.
  6. The Creative Class* – a course by Paul Jarvis teaching you the stuff that enables you to DO your work, like business, marketing & sales.
  7. Bianca Bass – build your career without burning out.


These are some books I've read that were decent:

Last updated: November 21st, 2017 – now page inspired by fellow Kiwi Derek Sivers

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