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Launching something new
I don’t know what’s next, and I have no idea whether it will work, but I do know that I’m damn excited.

The power of embracing vulnerability
When I’m on my yoga mat I’m completely vulnerable. The chaos of my life washes away and I begin to slow my breath. 

How to nail your next job interview
Applying for a new job can be a full-time job. My evenings were spent searching open positions, preparing my portfolio, applying, interviewing and (in my case) doing design challenges.

Committing to an idea
Alright this time I’m really gonna do it. I’m going to show up. Be consistent. Put in the effort. Invest the time. This time I’m going to commit. 

How to position yourself for a new job
Most of us have no idea what we want to do for the rest of our lives. There comes a point where we take a wild guess — a chance.

Staying motivated without urgency
How do you avoid bad habits when there's no motivation to?

How to write a conference talk
My method for writing a new conference talk in 2 weeks

My stupid side projects
A look back on stupid side projects and what we can learn from them

Stop making excuses and do the things you suck at
Everyone starts out as a n00b

Passion can't be found, so stop looking for it
A piece on how to 'find' your passion or deal with having multiple interests

Why the bullet journal beats to do lists
Developing your own system for organisation and accountability on your tasks

Overcoming your fear of failure
How do you overcome the paralysing fear of failure?

Is anybody listening?
How do you stay motivated when it feels like you're writing to no one in the beginning?

Creating a product launch campaign
Read about a recent product launch campaign I worked on and how we encouraged 16% of people to buy on the first day.

Prioritizing your own dream
Everybody wants some from you – there's so much stuff you should be doing that we often forget the stuff we must be doing. Like prioritizing ourselves.

How do you communicate the value of design?
Perhaps you work at a company where design doesn’t have a seat at the the table, or the CEO doesn’t believe in being ‘design driven’.

Stop preaching, start teaching what you know
How do you know you're ready for teaching, and what should you teach?

You don't need to know everything
With so much out there, it can be overwhelming deciding what to learn. How do you decide what to learn next?

How to turn a no into a yes
How to seize the impossible — read about taking opportunities, being a go-getter and not letting your fear hold you back

Your personal brand is not a logo
What is a personal brand and should you bother having one?

Does hacking over the holidays make you the best?
Is it possible to get ahead without working during the holidays?

When quantity trumps quality
Do you ever feel at war with yourself over quality vs. quantity?

Using positive triggers to stop procrastinating
How to set up positive triggers and kick procrastination in the butt

25 things at 25
A reflection of 25 life lessons I've learnt on my 25th birthday.

Hey Siri, I want my attention back
Are we too distracted by our devices to provide mindful attention to what really matters?

How to provide feedback on someone else's work
Reviewing someone's work is quite a responsibility – how do you provide effective feedback?

The best way to ask for feedback
How to prepare your critique session to receive feedback that's actually helpful.

How to create a successful focus routine
How often do you show up with the intent to focus, only to be distracted by the things around you?

Stop focusing on what your competitors are doing
It's possible to focus too much on your competitors, and doing so only makes your job harder. 

We need more shitty work
Why your terrible work is great work, and you should stop letting it hold you back.

How to make downtime productive
When the work dries up, how can you stay motivated and continue refining your craft?

Value uncovering questions to ask your client 
As a freelancer, nothing is more exciting than a promising client enquiry in your inbox. So that we can understand more about the project, what's the best questions to ask them?

Don't let fear kill your dreams
I’m scared too. What if everything I’m pouring my energy into is for nothing? What if it all goes wrong and I have to start again from square one?

Heart Influencers
There's only a select few people who can have an influence on you at the heart level.

A year without goals
A reflection on the year of 2016 and forecast for 2017. 

All The Things Syndrome
We're often optimistic about the amount of work we can achieve at any given time. Find out how to overcome All The Things Syndrome.

Finding Purpose
How to uncover the purpose of your side projects and why it's an important lens that helps in decision making.

Setting expectations for clients
A look into how can we ensure our client projects run smoothly and avoid disappointment.

Building Confidence
Having confidence is like an energy booster.  Is confidence a skill or a mindset?

Think Bigger
Set yourself goals, think bigger and pull yourself out of bed each morning telling yourself ‘I can and I will’.

Saying No
In the creative field we’re frequently presented with opportunities. Should we always say Yes?

Finding Balance
As someone with lots of things on the go, do you struggle to find the perfect balance?

The fork in the road
Sometimes a negative experience can hold you back from moving forward. Do you throw the towel in, pack up and go home? Or do you persevere?

Maintaining integrity as a writer
With so many bloggers out there promising the best new trick, how do you maintain integrity as a writer?

What is value based pricing?
You've probably heard everyone talking about – so what is it?

Why hourly pricing hurts
A look into how hourly pricing hurts as you get more efficient and skilled at your job.

How to start freelancing
Closing the door on your day job and becoming a full time freelancer may sound like a dream.  Where's the best place to start?

The power of email autoresponders
Email automation sounds like a dirty word, doesn’t it? When I think of an autoresponder I used to think of spammy emails, brands, thirsty marketers and impersonal robotic messages.

How to get a good client testimonial
... and why testimonials are great validation

What to include in your getting started guide
When you receive a new client lead, how long does it take before you actually send them a proposal?

Showing up everyday
We all have good intentions to be consistent in our output. But how do you create a habit to show up everyday?

Benefits of consistency
Success doesn't happen overnight. 

Client onboarding
Every touch point you have with a client lead is an opportunity to provide them with a remarkable onboarding experience.

Embracing imposter syndrome
Do you ever feel like a fraud? Same.

Client contracts
Paperwork isn’t as fun as actually making things, but it’s just as important.

Why I wake up early
While we feel like we’re being productive and getting things done, we often don’t reflect on whether we spent the day being efficiently productive.

Why you should have an email list
How to build trust and grow an audience via an email list.

Setting deadlines for yourself
You have so many things on your plate. So many things you’d like to do – wish you could do – yet somehow you struggle to execute them. 

Stop looking for clients
An alternative way to get new work

Freelancing during design school
The benefits of freelancing during your studies.