Hi, I'm Femke

Originally from New Zealand but now living in Amsterdam, I love making time to obsess over pixels, record a podcast or speak at events. Today I split my time working as a designer at Uber, side projects, client work, writing and speaking. Whether it's working on a cover feature for a magazine or speaking to a crowd of Designers in Denmark, I believe in living a creatively fulfilled life through making time for doing what I love.

Oh and it's not all work no play. The New Zealand lakes and forests were my backyard, so I always make time away from the screen – which usually involves hiking up mountains.

Around the internet

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Speaking & teaching

Over the last year I've had the privilege of speaking at a few events and hosting a handful of workshops about prototyping. It's so rewarding to be able to contribute and give back to the community in this way.

I'm always on the look out for interesting and inspiring events to participate in. If you have an event coming up, please drop me a line.

Upcoming events


Previous events

November 7th 2017 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lightning talk at UberEng Women in Tech

August 30th 2017 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Speaker at LaraconEU Conference


November 3 2016 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Speaker at Hackers & Founders Amsterdam

October 8th 2016 – Berlin, Germany
Prototyping workshop at Lean Prototyping Meetup

September 9th 2016 – London, England
Prototyping workshop at Lend Invest

September 5th 2016 – Brighton, England
Speaker at Reasons To

July 29th 2016 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Prototyping workshop at Pr.co

April 29th 2016 – Odense, Denmark
Keynote speaker at One Day Out

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